If you have questions about our products and their use in industry, crafts, construction, automotive, forestry and agriculture, call or write us. Through our many years of experience with our products, we are able to provide profound information and recommend the right product for your use.

Bärbel OPN Chemie Beratung
Product Vielfalt OPN Chemie Leistung


Currently we offer 135 items in our product range. Overall we have more than 300 recipes and are because of that able to meet special requests with high quality products “Made in Germany”. We fill spray cans in different can sizes with special valves and spray heads tailored to the range of application. We also manufacture products, such as cleaners in canisters.

We also supply accessories, such as atomizers, drain taps, etc.

The delivery can be done with your own brand (cans with private label) already from 12 cans / product. The design of the labels can be made by us and printed on the in-house label printer. Depending on the quantity purchased, you will also receive lithographed cans or cans with labels from the print shop.

You can also sell all our products with our LOGO „OPN-CHEMIE”.

Private Label

Trademarks are an increasingly popular method of trading companies to give their products a personal image. Through the distribution of private labels, you or your customers can position your product ranges on the market as a company, build an own brand image or substantiate an existing one. This allows you to secure a market position and make yourself independent of brand manufacturers or also stand out. At the same time, the relationship with the customer is strengthened, because the product loyalty for own brands is high. This makes private labels very interesting for many industries.

  • We create own can labels for you according to customer’s request
  • We help you with the design of your templates by specifying the necessary framework conditions, legal requirements, etc.
  • We print the templates created by us or your own label templates in 4C from 12 doses / product
  • We prepare the labels we have created or your own labels for the printing company and assign the print jobs from at least 1000 labels / product, but they can also be called up in partial quantities.
  • We prepare the labels we have created or your own labels for can lithography and assign the print jobs with a minimum quantity of about 15.000 cans.
  • We also label with labels provided by you free of charge. Here, however, we ask before printing to agree on paper quality and size.


We can also fill special products according to your specifications and recipes.

If you want contract filling of liquids, emulsions or other active ingredients, then we are your partner. We only process the chemical-technical area. Of course, we are also your partner when it comes to contract filling of existing products. However, these services require certain minimum quantities.

Our specialties are aerosols for technical applications, such as car care products, lubricants, cleaner, as well as special products for industrial applications.

Propellant selection:
Propane / butane mixture and carbonic acid


Our goal is that you receive the ordered goods as soon as possible. In our warehouse, many products are always in stock for you, so we can deliver them within 48 hours after the order. We fill the other products as quickly as possible for you, since we also have a large stock of raw materials. Unavailable raw materials are procured at short notice, depending on availability. Again, it is our effort to maintain a short delivery time. We work together with renowned partners for shipping to ensure that your ordered products are always in the best hands on the way to you. Most of the parcels are sent by GLS, whole pallets are sent with experienced carriers.

For deliveries in the surrounding area, we have an own vehicle that we can use very flexible so we can provide these within 48 hours after an order.