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OPN-Rust Shock®

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These are the products that we produce for stock, and therefore are usually available immediately.

Please also ask for products that you don’t find in our list below. We have a variety of other recipes.

Private-label: We can easily make special labels with your own brand or with your company imprint and logo as from smaller amounts. Please ask us about the various possibilities - we will be delighted to advise you.

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Acrylic Resin Based Spray Paint
Adhesive Grease Spray
Adhesive Lubricant Spray - "Long-Term Adhesive Lubricant”
Adhesive Lubricant Spray with PTFE
Adhesive and Sealing Remover
Aluminum Spray -MIRROR FINISH-
Aluminum Spray - highly abrasion resistant -
Anti-Graffiti Spray for concrete
Anti-Spatter Oil for welding robots - silicone-free
Anti-Graffiti Spray especially for signs
Anti-Spatter Grease for welding
Anti-Static Spray

Battery Terminal Grease Spray
Brake Cleaner
Brass Spray

Carburetor Cleaner
Cavity Sealing - EXTRA LIGHT -
Ceramic Paste Spray
Chain and Rope Spray
Chrome-Gloss Spray
Citrus Cleaner
Clear Coat Spray
Cockpit Care Spray
Cold Cleaning Solvent - "Safety Cold Cleaning Solvent"
Compressed Air Spray
Contact Spray
Cooling Spray
Cooling Lubricant - "High-Performance Cooling Lubricant"
Copper Lacquer Spray
Corrosion Spray - "Long-Term Corrosion Protection"
Crack Detection Agent
Cutting Oil Spray

De-Icer Spray

Foam Cleaner "Universal Foam Cleaner"
Food Technical-Lubricating Oil Spray acc. H1, NSF-registered
Fuels and Belt Spray

Gloss Cleaner Spray

Industrial Cleaning Agent "Industry-Cleaner"
Industrial Cleaning Agent and General Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

Leak Detection Spray
Leak Detection Spray for low temperatures down to -15°C
Lubricating Metal Assembly Spray -ALU BASED-
Lubricating Metal Assembly Spray -COPPER-BASED-

Machine Cleaner Concentrate
Marking Spray
Marking Spray Maintenance OilMaintenance Oil
Mold Separating Spray for Plastics Processing
Multi Spray "Super-Multispray OP 50 S"
Multi Spray "PLUS" with PTFE - "Super-Multispray OP 50 PLUS - with PTFE"

Neutral Cleaner Concentrate

Oil Stain Remover Spray

Pickling Agent Spray
Primer Auburn - "Long-Term Primer - Rust-Stop”
Primer Grey - "Long-Term Primer - Rust-Stop"
PTFE Spray
PU Foam Cleaner Spray

Rust Remover with MOS2
Rust Remover - Clear -
"Rust Shock"® - Rapid Rust Remover with cold-shock effect

Silicone Spray Type S
Silicone Spray acc. H1, NSF-registered
Silicone GREASE Spray
Signing Spray
Skin Protection Foam - "Liquid Skin Protection"
Spray Cleaner
Spray Glue - "Power Spray Glue"
Spray Grease white
Spray Grease with PTFE

Stainless Steel Touch-Up Spray - abrasion-proof
Stainless Steel Care Oil Spray 
Stainless Steel Care Oil Spray acc. H1 NSF registered
Stainless Steel Fast Polish Spray
Start-Up Aid Spray

Underbody Protection black

Varnish Spray matte-black
Vehicle Maintenance Spray Foam

Welding Emulsion UF 2001® white -milky - silicone-free
Weld Separating Agent UF 2001® clear-transparent - silicone-free
Weld Separating Oil - Concentrate SF 20® - silicone-free
Weld Separating Spray UF 1000® - silicone-free
Weld Separating Spray UF 2000® - silicone-free

Zinc Spray - zinc like-light -
Zinc Spray - zinc-grey - ZINC PRIMER
Zinc Repair Spray - silver-light - shining zinc-like
Zinc Repair Spray - silver-light - abrasion-proof

Spraying Help "Expert Pistol Grip"
Aluminum Pressure Gas Spray Apparat
Manual Pump Sprayer, plastic
Manual Pump Sprayer, plastic
Manual Pump Sprayer with Pump-Handle, plastic
Manual Pump Sprayer, Tinplate
Drain Cocks for Canisters

UF 1000®, UF 2000®, UF 3000®, UF 2001®, SF 20®, OPN-Rust Schock® along with OPN-CHEMIE® and the OPN-CHEMIE company logo are registered and internationally protected trademarks of OPN-CHEMIE OTTO PETRI GmbH, D-57290 Neunkirchen-Siegerland.