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OPN-Rust Shock®

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OPN-Rust Shock®

  • rapid rust remover with cold-shock effect
  • solves rusted screws and plug connections instantly
  • protects against further corrosion
  • extreme cooling = cold-shock up to -40°C 
  • 500 ml content
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OPN-Oil Stain Remover

  • quickly and easily removes stubborn stains and dirt with grease and oil
  • for use on concrete
  • use in workshops, industrial floors, parking lots etc.
  • 500 ml content
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OPN-Signing Spray
Colours: Luminous-Red-Orange, Luminous-Orange, Luminous-Yellow-Orange, Luminous-Yellow, Luminous-Red, Luminous-Green, Luminous-Blue, Luminous-Lilac, Luminous-Pink, Yellow, Black, Brown, Orange, Blue, Green, White, Red, Light-Blue
Eraser-Spray - for removal of invalid labelling of cardboard boxes and other packaging - Colour: fawn

  • special color for long lasting and durable signing
  • high opacity and dry in only about 2 to 3 minutes - therefore quick and time saving in processing
  • water-and weather-resistant
  • developed for quick and clean signing
  • ideal for all signing and lettering works, for example on cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, cardboard, paper, metal, stone, asphalt, masonry etc.
  • 400 ml content
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OPN-Acrylic Resin Based Spray Paint
in 142 different RAL colors

  • very high quality
  • abrasion resistant and highly pigmented - very good color-adjustment
  • fast drying, so ensures a quick and clean way of working during painting
  • 400 ml content
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Rust Schock® is the internationally registered and protected trademark of the company OPN-CHEMIE OTTO PETRI GmbH, D-57290 Neunkirchen-Siegerland.